Volkswagen Faces Declining Demand for Electric Models


Volkswagen commitment to electrifying its vehicle lineup seems to be facing headwinds, as demand for its electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe reportedly decreases.

This decline in demand is directly affecting operations at Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant in Germany, the epicenter of the company’s EV production. Originally an internal combustion engine vehicle plant, Zwickau underwent a transformation to become an EV-focused manufacturing facility. It currently produces models such as the Volkswagen ID.3, Cupra Born, Volkswagen ID.4, Audi Q4 e-tron, Volkswagen ID.5, and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron.

Volkswagen’s projections were set at an annual production of 330,000 vehicles from this plant, essential for sustaining its workforce of 10,700 employees. Production volumes hit a high of 7,100 vehicles weekly in November 2022 and even peaked at 7,300 units in March this year.

However, with the current downturn in demand, Volkswagen’s refraining from offering permanent contracts to 269 of its employees who were initially on 12-month contracts. Furthermore, unofficial sources hint at additional measures being considered for October.

As Volkswagen grapples with these challenges, it underscores the importance of market dynamics and consumer preferences in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.


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