The Volkswagen California Concept: A New Era of Campervan


The Volkswagen California Concept: A New Era of Campervan

Introduction to the Future of Camping

Volkswagen, the German automobile giant, has recently unveiled the first formal sketch of its soon-to-be-launched concept, the California, rooted in the T7 Multivan series. Notably, this advanced model is to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine, marking a significant stride in Volkswagen’s journey towards green and efficient mobility. The official revelation of this game-changing campervan is eagerly awaited at the end of August.

A Glimpse into the Upcoming California Campervan

Building on the current T7 Multivan’s success, Volkswagen is gearing up to introduce the next-generation California campervan. This impending launch has been teased with an official sketch, revealing some intriguing aspects of this innovative concept. The grand unveiling is set to occur at a major event in Düsseldorf later this month.

Design and Features

The sketch brings to light some remarkable design elements of the new Volkswagen California. A notably sloping roof, dual canopies on either side, and a pair of sliding doors—rather than the usual single one—promise a unique camping experience. Another sketch offers a sneak peek into the vehicle’s state-of-the-art equipment, including a removable tablet for managing the cabin temperature and interior lighting, setting a new standard in the realm of modern campervans.

Embracing Hybrid Technology

For the first time in the model’s history, the Volkswagen California is all set to incorporate a plug-in hybrid engine. The upcoming vehicle is expected to borrow the Multivan eHybrid’s engine—a robust 1.4-liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor fueled by a 13 kWh battery. This transition to hybrid technology not only enhances fuel efficiency but also significantly reduces environmental impact, positioning the Volkswagen California Concept at the forefront of automotive innovation.


The Volkswagen California concept is more than just a new model—it’s a symbol of the future of campervans. As we look forward to its official presentation, the excitement builds for this revolutionary fusion of advanced technology, distinctive design, and sustainable mobility.

via : Autocar

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