The new electric Ford Explorer: Europe launch could be delayed by 6 months


The anticipated launch of the electric Ford Explorer, based on Volkswagen’s MEB architecture, might face a 6-month delay in Europe, says a German report.

Electric Ford Explorer’s Launch Date in Question

According to recent information revealed by a German publication, the European market may have to wait longer for the all-new electric Ford Explorer. Initially scheduled for production this month, with sales beginning in early 2024, the release might be postponed.

What Caused the Delay?

The Dearborn-based American car manufacturer has reportedly notified employees at its center in Koln of the potential 6-month delay. The reason is said to be tied to new safety regulations that will soon come into effect.

Unfortunately, specific details about these regulations were not disclosed, and Ford representatives have neither confirmed nor denied the information.

Impact on the European Market

If the delay proves to be true, customers in Europe can expect to place orders for the electric Ford Explorer in the summer of 2024 at the earliest. It’s a significant postponement for a model that has already been available for pre-order since its official debut in March 2023.

The potential delay in the launch of the new electric Ford Explorer adds to the challenges facing the automotive industry, particularly as new regulations emerge. It’s a situation worth monitoring for both consumers and industry stakeholders as the shift towards electric vehicles continues to gain momentum.


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