Tesla Semi Inspires New Electric Truck Design by Chinese Manufacturer JAC


The Tesla Semi, a groundbreaking electric truck, has recently garnered significant admiration on social media platforms in China. Recognizing this immense public fascination, Chinese manufacturer JAC Motors is gearing up to introduce their own electric truck, which seems profoundly influenced by the Tesla Semi’s design.

While JAC’s initial public reveal showcased a vehicle subtly echoing the Tesla Semi, recent spy shots in China have captured camouflaged prototypes that strikingly resemble the American model. These sightings have prompted some to label the new JAC truck as a “faithful clone” of Tesla’s Semi.

JAC’s electric pre-production truck, which has yet to receive an official name, has been designated the moniker JAC HFC4259SEV01. This name more closely resembles a developmental code rather than a commercial title. Notably, the truck boasts impressive technical specifications: it’s powered by two electric motors, delivering a combined output of 669 horsepower. Furthermore, the truck claims a top speed of 89 km/h.

JAC’s proposed battery for this electric vehicle is rumored to come from CATL, a leading Chinese battery manufacturer. However, while the battery is expected to offer a range of 350 km, it’s designed for quick replacement, akin to the battery system in NIO vehicles. This suggests that China’s major highways could soon feature battery swap stations, ensuring truck drivers won’t experience prolonged wait times for charging.

A keen observer managed to capture images of the JAC prototype parked along a highway, noting the distinct JAC logo. What stood out, though, was the cabin design: unlike the previously showcased model, this one featured a central driver’s seat – mirroring the Tesla Semi’s interior. Its body shape, aerodynamic and tapering at the top, was also reminiscent of the Tesla truck, though certain elements, like the headlights and bumper, appeared slightly different.

The similarities between the two trucks are so pronounced that even the photographer, a local Chinese, voiced concerns about JAC’s replication strategy. He humorously remarked that JAC might have “activated their precision copying department once again.”


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