Tesla Cybertruck as the Future Police Vehicle


Oracle’s co-founder, Larry Ellison, has suggested that the Tesla Cybertruck could be the next logical step for police vehicles in the future. During a conference in Las Vegas, Ellison showcased a graphic simulation of a police Cybertruck adorned with the Oracle logo.

Currently, Oracle provides cloud solutions for US police agencies, so partnering with Tesla to develop a police vehicle aligns with their trajectory.

Moreover, having previously served on Tesla’s board, Ellison is intimately familiar with the new model and hinted at undisclosed details about the vehicle. He listed numerous advantages the electric model would offer as a police car.

“Our next generation of police vehicle is on the horizon. It’s my favorite car, and Elon Musk’s favorite as well. It’s truly incredible,” stated Ellison. “Besides its known features, its unmatched speed, stainless steel body, and inherent safety, there’s no need to add any cameras or screens since they’re already in place. We can directly install our applications,” added the Oracle co-founder.


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