Tesla Celebrates Its 50,000th Supercharger Station in California


American automotive titan, Tesla, recently announced the installation of its 50,000th Supercharger station. Enthusiasts of the brand quickly identified the distinctively red-painted charging spot, located in Roseville, California.

Globally, Tesla boasts over 5,000 rapid charging points, establishing itself as the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network. Notably, the Supercharger stations are gradually becoming available to electric vehicles outside the Tesla lineup.

Announcing the milestone via social media, Tesla didn’t initially disclose the location of this special station. However, brand devotees were swift to spot it. While most Tesla charging points sport a white and red design, this landmark 50,000th station is entirely drenched in what appears to be the Ultra Red hue, previously seen on models like the Tesla Model S and Model X. To further distinguish it, the station comes adorned with a serialized plaque, ensuring that users are aware of its significance.

Despite its unique exterior, in terms of charging speed and cost-per-kW, this station remains consistent with Tesla’s standard Supercharger capabilities.


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