Skoda Teases the Upcoming Second-Generation Kodiaq with Official Sketches


In anticipation of its official release in just a few days, Skoda has given fans a glimpse of the next-generation Kodiaq SUV through new official sketches. This unveiling comes in tandem with the reveal of the fourth-generation mid-size model, Superb. Throughout its promotional campaign, the Czech automaker has already shared several images of the upcoming model, including test photos and interior snapshots.

The fresh sketches provide a clearer view of the new Kodiaq’s exterior design. Notably, the front end showcases a more prominent grille and a two-tiered headlight design, equipped with advanced LED Matrix technology. Compared to its predecessor, the new Kodiaq will be 61 millimeters longer, despite retaining the same platform.

Sharp, edgy design cues are evident throughout the Kodiaq’s body, especially around the front bumper and mirrors. The rear features larger tail lights designed in the signature Skoda ‘C’ shape, which are connected by a lower band.

The new Skoda Kodiaq is set for its grand unveiling on October 4th. Potential buyers can expect a range of powertrain options, including traditional gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrid variants.


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