Skoda Teases the Interior of Upcoming Superb and Kodiaq Models


Skoda has unveiled the first official images showcasing the interiors of its forthcoming generations of the Superb and Kodiaq. Both cars will feature a new multimedia screen, physical controls and buttons, and an enlarged central console space due to the repositioned gear selector.

Set for an official debut this fall, the latest Superb model enters its fourth modern iteration, while the Kodiaq, Skoda’s inaugural SUV, advances to its second generation. Prior to the official release, Skoda gave enthusiasts a glimpse into what the interiors of these two models would look like.

Distinct from their predecessors, the new interiors adopt a cleaner, more futuristic design approach. Both cars are equipped with a 10-inch digital instrument cluster paired with a heads-up display. Additionally, a 13-inch central screen has been introduced for the multimedia system. These models retain physical controls in the central console for various functionalities, such as temperature adjustments. The integrated rotating commands, dubbed “Smart Dials,” come with 1.25-inch miniature screens. The central rotating command can be used to adjust radio volume, fan speed, and air direction.

The two interiors, while sharing common features, will be distinct. For the Superb, the dashboard incorporates a broad vent that stretches from the center to the right edge. In contrast, the upcoming Kodiaq sports a covered dashboard with more conventional vents. Notably, both models have their gear selectors mounted near the steering wheel, which frees up space in the central console. Additionally, both cars come with ambient lighting and a USB-C port embedded in the rearview mirror. This section also includes a wireless smartphone charging tray, with the Kodiaq further equipped with a cooling system for two phones. Staying true to Skoda’s tradition, the front doors have a dedicated storage space for an umbrella. Additionally, the upholstery in the new models is made from recycled polyester.

Skoda enthusiasts can look forward to the grand unveiling of the new Superb and Kodiaq models this autumn.

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