Pininfarina shows B95 Speedster: World’s First Electric Hyper Barchetta


Leading Italian luxury car manufacturer, Pininfarina, has officially unveiled the B95 Speedster, touted as the world’s first electric hyper barchetta. The impressive model, rooted in the Battista’s design, boasts a staggering 1900 horsepower electric engine, a hand-crafted body, and comes with a whopping price tag of over 4 million euros.

Following a tantalizing teaser image released a few days ago, Pininfarina has lived up to its promise, showcasing the groundbreaking B95 Speedster to the world. A testament to Italian craftsmanship and innovation, this high-performance model, limited to just 10 global units, has been hand-crafted, distinguishing itself from its progenitor, the Battista.

Design Language and Aesthetics: Drawing inspiration from the Pura Vision concept introduced a few weeks prior, the B95 Speedster’s design language is evident, particularly in its front. Features include sleek, slim headlights and a signature black stripe. A sculpted air intake on the hood and an integrated front spoiler with three more air intakes further accentuate its dynamic look.

The rear is characterized by an expansive aerodynamic diffuser, ensuring increased downforce. Above and behind the two occupants are twin yellow aerodynamic domes marked with ’95’. The vehicle sits on matte black wheels – 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, with brake calipers painted in the striking Giallo Arneis yellow, mirroring the front design elements.

Opulent Interiors: Stepping inside the B95 Speedster, one is greeted with predominantly light brown leather upholstery. The seat headrests feature a unique black and white checkered flag pattern. Aluminum decorative trims and two adjustable glass surfaces for the driver and passenger further enhance the opulence, allowing them to modify the air circulation within the cabin.

Availability and Delivery: The exclusive B95 Speedster, restricted to a production run of only 10 units, carries a price of around 4.4 million euros. Customers will have to wait until 2025 for deliveries to commence, a significant year marking the 95th anniversary of Pininfarina’s illustrious journey.

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