Paris to Implement Higher Parking Fees for SUV Owners in a Bid to Reduce Pollution


Starting January 1, 2024, SUV owners in Paris will face higher parking fees, an official announcement from the Paris City Hall confirmed. The measure, aimed at combating the rising pollution levels in France’s capital, will vary based on the vehicle’s size, weight, and engine capacity.

A recent report from The Guardian revealed that this green initiative received approval last month from the city’s council members. The proposal was primarily championed by France’s leading environmental party, Europe Ecologie les Verts, which cited a concerning 60% increase in the number of SUV in Paris over the past four years. However, it’s noteworthy that SUVs currently make up only 15% of all registered vehicles in the city.

An eco-party council member elaborated on the initiative, stating, “We aim for Paris to adjust its paid parking system to be more progressive, based on the weight and size of the vehicles.” Further emphasizing the mission, they added, “The focus is to tackle the absurdity of ‘car-obesity’.”

While the new fee structure will come into play on January 1, 2024, electric vehicles are expected to be exempt, as well as vehicles belonging to owners with larger families.


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