Toyota Teases New Land Cruiser, Hints Come from Classic FJ62


As anticipation builds, the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser may share design elements and technical components with its prestigious lineage.

Toyota Builds Momentum for the New Land Cruiser

Toyota is stirring anticipation among automotive enthusiasts, recently unveiling a teaser image of its forthcoming Land Cruiser. The iconic off-roader is photographed alongside its legendary predecessor, the FJ62, hinting that the new model might draw significant design cues from this classic.

Celebrating a Rich Legacy

The teaser image showcases several notable similarities between the two generations. The new model appears to sport a rectangular headlight design reminiscent of the FJ62, while Toyota’s branding is prominently featured at the center of the grille. Additionally, the front spoiler integrates plastic elements and is complemented by a metallic shield at the bottom, emphasizing its rugged aesthetics.

Under the Hood: Shared Components with Lexus GX?

Intriguingly, there’s speculation that the forthcoming Toyota Land Cruiser and the current Lexus GX might share certain components, including their underlying platform. Although Toyota has remained tight-lipped about specific technical details, some industry watchers believe the engine might mirror that of the Lexus GX. This vehicle is equipped with a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, pumping out an impressive 350 horsepower. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this powerhouse featured in the next-generation Cruiser.

Mark Your Calendars

Automotive aficionados won’t have to wait long to see the full reveal. Toyota has scheduled the grand debut of the new Land Cruiser for August 2, 2024.


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