MINI Unveils Sleek Interior of Upcoming Cooper Generation with Advanced Multimedia Features


The next-gen MINI Cooper boasts a new round multimedia screen, powered by an innovative Android-based operating system.

MINI has revealed a fresh collection of official images, giving fans and future customers a closer look at the interior of its next-generation Cooper. One of the standout features is a distinctive round multimedia screen accompanied by an array of fresh applications and special sound effects.

A New Look Inside

Last week, the first glimpse of the interior of the forthcoming MINI Cooper generation was shared. The new edition of the famed subcompact car showcases a wholly redesigned central display, characterized by a 240-millimeter diameter circle.

The latest batch of official images further accentuates the vehicle’s revamped interior. Alongside, the British automaker shed light on the intricate details of its state-of-the-art multimedia system brimming with exciting features and applications.

Key Features and Innovations

The standout round OLED screen projects the new graphical interface of the ‘Mini Operating System 9’, an Android-based platform. Among its multiple functionalities, the multimedia system introduces cloud-based navigation, optimized route suggestions for the electric version of the Mini Cooper, 3D maps, and AI-driven route previews.

Users can toggle between distinct modes like Core, Green, Go-Kart, Balance, Timeless, Vivid, Personal, and Trail. Each mode offers a unique graphical interface, complemented by distinctive sound and light effects. Spike, the new voice assistant, can adjust cabin temperature, control the radio volume, and even place phone calls.

Optionally, this multimedia system can be connected to a 5G network, facilitating over-the-air updates several times a year post the model’s launch. Further, the new Cooper owners will gain access to the Mini Connected Store, where applications such as AirConsole games and streaming services like Spotify are up for grabs.

Finally, the electric version of the upcoming Mini Cooper will feature a special sound system, producing distinct sound effects inside and outside the cabin, with 30 novel sounds in the offing.

Anticipation builds as the electric version of the new-gen Mini Cooper is set to make its debut in Spring 2024.


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