New Ford Mustang : Majority Choose V8 Engines and Manual Transmission


In a climate uncertain for combustion engines, Ford Mustang enthusiasts show their loyalty.

As the automotive landscape shifts, the Ford Mustang remains steadfast, introducing its seventh generation in its nearly six-decade history. Notably, customer preferences lean significantly towards the classic V8 engine and manual transmission, according to recent reports.

New Ford Mustang Unwavering Popularity

While competitors like Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger face uncertain futures, the Ford Mustang continues to command attention. The company has already racked up over 13,000 orders for the new Mustang, indicating its enduring appeal.

Enthusiast Choices Highlighted

An intriguing detail emerges from these orders: a whopping 67% of customers have chosen the 5.0-liter V8 engine, boasting an impressive 493 horsepower. Moreover, 27% of new-generation Mustang buyers have shown their penchant for driving purism, selecting the manual transmission.

Company insiders speculate that these preferences might be linked to the looming uncertainties surrounding internal combustion engines, particularly those with larger capacities. The V8 engine choice signals a nod to tradition and power, even as the industry inches towards greener alternatives.

Ford’s Vision for the Future

While Ford’s commitment to its iconic Mustang is evident, the company has yet to reveal if a zero-emission version of the Mustang will join its lineup in the future.

Amidst the evolving automotive trends, the Ford Mustang continues to capture hearts, with its recent orders underscoring a love for performance and tradition.


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