Maserati Debuts Limited Edition Ghibli and Levante at Goodwood: A Tribute to the V8 Legacy


As the Maserati-Ferrari V8 partnership draws to a close, Maserati pays homage with two exclusive editions.

Maserati’s love affair with the V8 engine, which began with the launch of the 1959 model 5000 GT, reaches a significant milestone. Since then, the iconic Italian automaker has sold over 100,000 cars powered by the V8 engine. Currently, Ferrari supplies the V8 engines to Maserati. However, this fruitful collaboration is set to expire this year, with the engine boasting an impressive 572 horsepower.

Limited Production of Just 103 Units

Marking this epochal transition, Maserati has announced two special editions for its Ghibli and Levante models, both equipped with the V8 engine. Each model will see only 103 units on the roads.

The Maserati Ghibli 334 Ultima dazzles with its Scia di Persia exterior shade, Rubino accents, and a distinctive 334 logo on the front fenders. The vehicle also features 21-inch wheels, a carbon fiber spoiler, Ultima Pale Terracotta and Alcantara leather upholstery, exclusive emblems, and a serialized badge. The “334” isn’t just a random choice; it signifies the top speed of this special Ghibli edition, making it the world’s fastest production sedan. To put this into perspective, the Bentley Flying Spur Speed reaches a close 333 km/h. The Ghibli 334 Ultima races from a standstill to 100 km/h in a mere 3.9 seconds.

On the other hand, the Levante V8 Ultima comes in Blu Royale and Nero Assoluto. Its standard package includes a carbon fiber exterior, 22-inch wheels, and a V8 Ultima logo on the front fenders. The interior showcases a bicolor leather upholstery in Pale Terracotta and black, Maserati and V8 Ultima emblems on the headrests, and a central console badge reading “una di 103”.

Both these limited-edition masterpieces will be showcased at the esteemed Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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