Leaked Images Reveal the Revamped Volkswagen Tiguan


Volkswagen’s latest Tiguan SUV takes inspiration from ID electric models, showcasing a more rounded design.

The internet was set abuzz as leaked images of the new-generation Volkswagen Tiguan surfaced online. This eagerly awaited iteration seems to embrace a curvier aesthetic, drawing design inspiration from Volkswagen’s electric ID range.

Until recently, our understanding of the forthcoming Tiguan’s appearance was based on camouflaged images, spy shots, and an online video shared by Volkswagen. Now, thanks to photos posted on the Facebook group, MQB-Coding & Retrofit, we get an unobstructed view of the SUV, flaunting its undistorted, majestic lines. Three specific images spotlight the vehicle’s front, rear, and interiors. A glance reveals the Tiguan’s new rounded front face, featuring a broad lower grille and a black upper section potentially embedding an LED strip.

Distinctively, the sharp, straight lines that defined the previous generation have been softened. The rear seems to be dominated by a plastic panel bridging the two taillights.

One of the shared pictures also grants a peek inside the Tiguan. Parts of this were previously hinted at in a teaser from Volkswagen itself. Noteworthy is the gear selector located on the steering column, complemented by a massive 15-inch central display. Additionally, a rotary dial offers control over various vehicle settings, including driving modes, traction system adjustments, volume, and ambient lighting colors.

The third-generation Tiguan is poised to cater to diverse preferences, featuring petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid engines. The plug-in hybrid variants (PHEVs) will range from 201 to 268 horsepower, also promising an electric range stretching up to 120 kilometers.

Slated for an official launch later this year, the revamped Tiguan already promises a mix of innovation and performance, underlining Volkswagen’s commitment to design evolution and technological advancement.


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