Land Rover Defender will have a “baby” brother


JLR Group’s New Electrified Terrain: The Compact Defender Sport

Announcing the New LAND ROVER Electrified Terrain Model

At a recent conference attended by JLR Group shareholders, CEO Adrian Mardell unveiled exciting news about an upcoming launch. As we near the end of this decade, the British auto giant is set to introduce a new electrified terrain model. The eye-catcher? This innovative model is designed to mimic the visuals of the iconic Defender, albeit with a more compact form factor.

Introducing the LAND ROVER Defender Sport

According to a report by Autocar, the upcoming vehicle might be christened the ‘Defender Sport’. Expected to make its grand debut in 2027, this SUV promises to take off-roading to new electrifying heights. Built on the future EMA platform, the Defender Sport will form the foundation for JLR Group’s future electric and hybrid models.

Size and Design

The Defender Sport is expected to be offered in a four-door version, similar in size to the Skoda Kodiaq. While the new model will indeed be smaller than the classic Defender, it aims to offer the same rugged, all-terrain capabilities that the Defender is renowned for, all packed into a compact and agile body.

The Future of JLR’s Branding

Details about the LAND ROVER Defender Sport are still emerging, but one thing is certain: this new model will be launched under the refreshed ‘Defender’ brand. This comes as part of a major restructuring by JLR, turning Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover into standalone brands.


The LAND ROVER Defender Sport is more than just a new model—it’s a nod to the future of the JLR Group. This electrified, compact off-roader symbolizes a blend of classic design, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability, promising a unique driving experience. We are waiting for this model and we are sure that LAND ROVER will provide a nice surprise.

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