Kia Unveils the Electrifying EV5 SUV at the Chengdu Auto Show


The electric vehicle wave continues to surge, with Kia, the South Korean automaker, unveiling its brand-new electric SUV, the EV5. Presented at the prestigious Chengdu Auto Show in China, the EV5 sports a design that bears remarkable similarities to its bigger sibling, the electric EV9.

This global version, showcased in Chengdu, is set to dazzle various markets around the globe. However, car aficionados anticipate some variations when the model reaches European shores.

Echoing the EV9 Design The first striking feature of the EV5 is its reminiscent design language of the larger EV9. Sporting a semi-boxy silhouette, the EV5 perfectly blends smooth surfaces with occasional sharp edges, giving it a modern, yet rugged appeal. Its front features intricate LED headlights, nearly in a C-shape, interconnected by a sleek illuminated strip. The conventional grille is missing, in typical electric vehicle fashion, with the primary air intake seamlessly incorporated into the bumper, adorned with gray decorative elements that double as a protective shield.

Black-painted wheel arch protectors add a robust feel, while the sculpted bonnet with its multiple ridges gives a dynamic aura. Sharp side mirror caps, flared and chiseled fenders, especially around the front doors, give the KIA EV5 a distinctive character. A neat touch is the retractable door handles, ensuring a sleek profile. Chrome embellishments right beneath the side windows and a design line that ascends dramatically towards the rear further amplify its stylish demeanor. The LED tail lights, mirroring the C-shaped front design but with a simpler layout, stretch nearly to the center of the hatch, with the iconic Kia logo boldly stamped.

Topping off the exterior is a 21-inch aerodynamic wheel design. Dimensionally, the Kia EV5 stretches 4615 millimeters in length with a wheelbase of 2750 millimeters.

Digitalized Minimalism Inside Inside, the EV5 embraces minimalism. A singular expansive screen divides into two zones, serving the digital instrument cluster and the multimedia system. One cannot miss the intriguing front passenger seat that extends over the central console, almost merging with the driver’s seat. Essential physical controls for the climate system, dual USB-C charging ports, a wireless charging pad, and storage compartments ensure practicality meets aesthetics.

While Kia has held back on the technical details of the EV5, slated for an October reveal, unofficial sources suggest the China-bound version might sport a single electric motor delivering 218 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque. Battery capacity and range details remain under wraps.


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