Genesis Surpasses 1 Million Global Sales, Solidifying its Independent Brand Status


Genesis, once the luxury division of Hyundai, has impressively reached the milestone of selling 1 million vehicles worldwide. The shift to stand as an independent brand in late 2015, clearly, was a move in the right direction.

Over the years, Genesis’s lineup has evolved and expanded, now boasting a range of sedans, SUVs, and the all-electric GV60 model.

A mere two years ago, the brand celebrated the sale of its 500,000th vehicle. This month, the South Korean automaker doubled that achievement by hitting the 1 million mark. While the specifics of the milestone vehicle weren’t disclosed, sales data reveals that out of the 1 million, 690,177 units were sold in its domestic market, and 225,000 units found homes in the U.S. The remaining sales were spread across various international markets where Genesis has established its footprint.

Looking ahead, Genesis’s future is electric-charged. The company is currently working on the GV80 facelift, with the GV80 Coupe concept inching closer to production. Starting from 2025, every new Genesis model will be fully electric, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to a sustainable automotive future.


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