Genesis G90 Luxury Sedan Arrives in Europe: Now Available in Germany and Switzerland


The G90, the crown jewel of Genesis, makes its European debut after its successful launches in South Korea and the U.S.

The Genesis G90, renowned for its opulence, is expanding its horizons to the European market. Having made its debut in South Korea at the end of 2021 and subsequently landing on American shores a few months later, it’s now Europe’s turn to embrace the luxury.

The European version of the G90 was unveiled at the illustrious Goodwood Festival of Speed. In Europe, potential buyers have the choice between the standard wheelbase and the extended wheelbase version, the latter offering an additional 190 millimeters of legroom for rear passengers.

The standard version boasts a length of 5,275 mm with a 3,180 mm wheelbase. In contrast, the long-wheelbase variant extends to 5,465 mm in length and a 3,370 mm wheelbase. Width and height remain consistent across both versions at 1,930 mm and 1,490 mm, respectively.

Weighing between 2,025 to 2,345 kilograms, depending on the specific model, the Genesis G90 comes with either a 4-seat or 5-seat configuration. However, it’s worth noting that the extended wheelbase version is exclusively available as a 4-seater.

Equipped to challenge stalwarts like the Mercedes-Maybach Class S, the G90 promises an exhaustive list of standard features. In the U.S., the sedan is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, producing either 375 or 409 horsepower. It remains intriguing to see what Genesis has in store for the European version in terms of powertrain options.

As of now, luxury car enthusiasts in Germany and Switzerland can place their orders for the Genesis G90.


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