General Motors Partners with Google Cloud to Elevate AI Capabilities in OnStar Service


General Motors (GM) is taking a dynamic pivot in the realm of artificial intelligence, embracing Google Cloud’s Dialogflow chatbot for innovative advancements. Spearheading this tech transformation is GM’s OnStar, the in-vehicle assistance service, now supercharged with Google Cloud’s conversational AI intent recognition algorithms. Today, OnStar has evolved into a digital co-pilot, delivering drivers quick responses to daily queries such as route planning and navigational guidance.

This technological leap aligns perfectly with GM’s overarching vision. They aim to monetize OnStar subscriptions, targeting a hefty $25 billion business by 2030. Since 2019, the automaker has incorporated Google into the core of its vehicles, equipping cars with Google Assistant, Maps, and Google Play, all seamlessly accessible via onboard multimedia systems. In doing so, GM has notably shifted away from the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto era, choosing instead to embed Google directly.

General Motors unveiled that the virtual assistant OnStar, in collaboration with Dialogflow, now handles over a million customer queries monthly across the U.S. and Canada. This service covers a broad spectrum of GM vehicles manufactured since 2015. Beyond route mapping, the OnStar chatbot assists with straightforward inquiries, activated through OnStar’s blue button for non-emergency situations. Crucially, the system can identify keywords or phrases hinting at emergencies, ensuring swift and appropriate responses.

Dialogflow showcases its prowess by answering customer questions, gleaning insights from GM’s extensive technical data repository.


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