Ford Unveils the Mustang GT4: A Racing Sensation Set to Hit the International GT4 Championship in 2024


Ford, the acclaimed American carmaker, has officially lifted the veil on its latest racing prodigy – the Mustang GT4. This competitive model is crafted in alignment with the international GT4 regulations, featuring a roaring V8 engine, with its grand competitive debut slated for 2024.

Following the recent showcase of the Ford Mustang GT3, the next sensation poised to grace the tracks at Le Mans next season, Ford seizes the moment to introduce a slightly tamer racing version of its famed pony car. Enter the Mustang GT4, a thoroughbred nurtured under the international GT4 racing guidelines.

The GT4, in contrast to its GT3 counterpart, adorns a simplified body. The car has fewer race-specific aerodynamic features but is by no means short on flair. Noteworthy additions include an adjustable front spoiler, aerodynamic fittings beneath the air intakes, revamped side skirts, and a tunable rear wing. True to its racing DNA, all these enhancements are crafted from carbon fiber.

The racing gem is predicated on the Mustang Dark Horse, Ford’s flagship power-packed iteration. Consequently, the Mustang GT4 is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine, a masterpiece curated by Ford’s performance arm, Ford Performance. However, the horsepower specifics remain a guarded secret for now.

Further augmenting its race readiness, the car boasts an adjustable suspension from Multimatic, coupled with a paddle-operated gearbox nestled behind the steering wheel.

Race enthusiasts and Mustang aficionados can eagerly anticipate the Ford Mustang GT4 foray into international competitions starting in 2024.


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