Ford Unveils “Mustang Dark Horse R”: A Performance-driven Circuit Marvel


Boasting a Coyote V8 engine with over 500 horsepower, Ford Mustang Dark Horse iteration is a track-focused powerhouse.

Ford New Circuit Stunner: The Mustang Dark Horse R

In a move to further impress motorsport enthusiasts, Ford officially lifts the curtain on its all-new Mustang Dark Horse R – a performance-centric variant meticulously engineered for the racetrack.

This fresh addition to the Mustang lineage is not just about power; it’s a harmonious blend of aesthetics and advanced mechanics. The exterior showcases a reimagined aerodynamic package, complete with a front-bar spoiler and a rear wing. Giving it a fierce stance are the 19-inch wheels, fittingly equipped with slick tires.

Inside, the Dark Horse R sheds every ounce of excess, meticulously sculpted to serve one purpose – unparalleled racing excellence. The interior sports a detachable new steering wheel, Recaro bucket seats, a safety-focused roll-cage, Sparco safety belts, carbon fiber trims, and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Under the hood lies the heart of this beast – a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine, thundering with over 500 horsepower. Not just that, the track version flaunts a revamped cooling system for both engine and transmission, a competition-specific Borla exhaust, and a safety-enhanced, high-capacity fuel cell. This engine syncs perfectly with a 6-speed manual transmission, borrowed from its street-version counterpart, the Dark Horse. To ensure sharp halts, it features Brembo brakes, once again sourced from the street model.

But the Dark Horse R isn’t just about showcasing speed and power; it’s set to compete in the newly formed racing series, the “Mustang Challenge.” Orchestrated by the Ford Performance Racing School, this series, abiding by the IMSA regulations, will kick off its inaugural season in 2024. Racing aficionados can expect a calendar packed with 10 to 12 thrilling rounds, spanning 5 to 6 of North America’s iconic circuits.

For those eager to get their hands on this racetrack prodigy, the Ford Mustang Dark Horse R comes with a price tag of $145,000. Ford anticipates kickstarting deliveries from 2024.




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