Ferrari worth over 300.000 $ set on fire for Youtube


A beautiful Ferrari on fire? You don’t see that every day.

International – The world of exotic cars experienced a jaw-dropping moment when YouTuber WhistlinDiesel’s Ferrari F8 Tributo and a rented Chrysler Pacifica were consumed by fire during a stunt in Waco, Texas.

Ferrari, renowned as one of the most elite automotive brands globally, manufactures a limited number of vehicles, making each car a dream for many. The sight of such a coveted vehicle being destroyed is undoubtedly heart-wrenching.

WhistlinDiesel, who has built a reputation for audacious stunts and daring projects, is no stranger to automotive destruction. However, this time around, it wasn’t a deliberate act but an unforeseen accident that claimed his Ferrari, reportedly worth a staggering $400,000 (or €368,536). So, how did this premium car catch fire?

As part of a series testing the Ferrari F8’s endurance, WhistlinDiesel decided to drive it through a cornfield in Waco, already harvested but strewn with dry remnants. Though things seemed smooth initially for the video, events took a tragic turn quickly.

While the YouTuber maneuvered the luxury vehicle, his filming crew spotted flames erupting from the car’s rear. WhistlinDiesel and his passenger promptly halted and exited the Ferrari. The team in the nearby rented Chrysler Pacifica, which was filming the action, also noticed the blaze. Unfortunately, the fire, which likely originated from the exhaust, rapidly intensified. With no water on hand, desperate attempts to douse the flames using energy drinks were futile.

The nearby Chrysler Pacifica, likely having its hot engine ignite the dry corn remnants, also caught fire. The crew swiftly called in the fire brigade and managed to salvage whatever items they could from the two blazing vehicles. Firefighters arrived within minutes, curtailing the flames from spreading across the cornfield. Yet, they couldn’t save the two engulfed cars. What remained of the Ferrari were mere remnants of the once-pristine Italian supercar.

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