Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Set to Debut in Early 2024


The recent Mobility Show in Munich served as a platform for auto enthusiasts and industry insiders to preview upcoming models and glean insights directly from officials.A highlight of the event was the presentation by Mercedes-Benz G Class.

The German automaker showcased a “near-production” prototype of the forthcoming zero-emission G-Class. An official from the company hinted that attendees could view the model “a few months ahead of its official debut next year.” This suggests the electric G-Class unveiling is slated for the beginning of 2024.

While technical details remain sparse and not all are officially confirmed, there’s speculation about the electric Mercedes G-Class configuration. It might feature four electric motors, weigh a hefty three tons, maintain the “ladder on frame” chassis similar to the combustion version, and house a battery shielded within a steel box.

Beyond the conventional driving modes of Eco, Comfort, and Sport, the electric G-Class is rumored to introduce specific modes like Trail, Rock, and Sand, catering to its off-road prowess.

The zero-emission off-roader will be manufactured at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria, where its traditional counterpart is also assembled.


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