Bugatti to Showcase Unique Golden Mistral Alongside Chiron Super Sport Golden Era at Monterey Car Week


Monterey, California – French luxury automaker Bugatti is set to dazzle automotive enthusiasts with a unique, golden-painted Mistral and the one-of-a-kind Chiron Super Sport Golden Era at this year’s Monterey Car Week.

The Return of Bugatti to Monterey

A year ago, Bugatti unveiled the convertible Mistral at Monterey Car Week. Limited to only 99 examples and with a price tag of €5 million, the Mistral quickly sold out despite its hefty cost. Boasting an impressive 1,600 horsepower, the Mistral has become a symbol of Bugatti’s unparalleled engineering and design.

This year, Bugatti returns to Monterey with two special cars. Visitors to the manufacturer’s stand in Molsheim will have the chance to admire the unique Chiron Super Sport Golden Era, and the Mistral, also produced as a single unit. It is unclear whether the displayed Mistral is a customer car or a pre-production prototype.

Demonstrating Customization Capabilities

The showcased Mistral’s golden shade is a testament to Bugatti’s customization possibilities offered by the Bugatti Sur Mesure service. The golden hue, similar, if not identical, to the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to creating unique pieces tailored to individual tastes.

The lower part of this hypercar reveals visible carbon fiber, providing a contrasting effect to the golden exterior. Inside, the cabin features a two-tone leather upholstery theme, carbon fiber elements, and golden emblems, further highlighting Bugatti’s attention to detail.


An Exclusive Experience at Monterey Car Week

Monterey Car Week is renowned for being a gathering place for the world’s most exclusive and innovative cars. Bugatti’s unique display, featuring two golden masterpieces, will undoubtedly be a highlight of the event.

Automobile aficionados attending the event will have a rare opportunity to see these exceptional cars up close, and witness firsthand the innovation, artistry, and luxury that defines Bugatti.

Bugatti continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and personalization, as evidenced by the golden Mistral and Chiron Super Sport Golden Era. As these vehicles take center stage at Monterey Car Week, they symbolize not only the elegance of the Bugatti brand but the infinite possibilities within the world of luxury automobiles.

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