BMW Unveils “Proactive Care” – An AI-Powered Assistance Service for Customers


BMW has officially launched its new customer assistance service named “Proactive Care,” which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to cater to the needs of BMW owners.

The Bavarian automaker’s novel service is designed to proactively identify a car’s service intervals, potential issues, tire pressures, and even lit dashboard indicators. By leveraging AI and real-time data collection, Proactive Care can instantly provide drivers with actionable solutions based on the car’s diagnostics.

Drivers will receive notifications and solutions directly through the “My BMW” smartphone app or their car’s multimedia system. Depending on user preferences, the same information can also be sent to their email address or even be communicated by their preferred dealer. In addition, in cases of roadside troubles, the dealer’s road assistance can directly contact the customer.

For compatibility, Proactive Care works with all BMW models equipped with the BMW Operating System 7 or newer versions. However, it’s crucial for customers to have an active contract with BMW ConnectedDrive and register their vehicle in the “My BMW” app to avail of this innovative service.

By integrating AI into customer care, BMW reaffirms its commitment to enhancing user experience and leading in tech-driven automotive solutions.

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