BMW Unveils Armored Series 7 : Ultimate Safety and Luxury


BMW Unveils Armored Series 7 Protection and i7 Protection: Ultimate Safety and Luxury

The automotive world is abuzz with the latest announcement from BMW. The iconic German manufacturer has just released tantalizing glimpses and essential details of its forthcoming armored models: the Series 7 Protection and i7 Protection. These security-focused variants are set to grace the roads from this December, introducing a new level of opulence and safety to the luxury car market.

The Luxurious Backbone of Safety

The BMW 7 Series has long been synonymous with opulence and sophistication, and now it’s set to redefine safety too. The Series 7 Protection and i7 Protection models exhibit subtle differentiations from their standard counterparts. However, the true innovation lies beneath the surface. These armored champions feature the pinnacle of security technology: the BMW Protection Core chassis, meticulously crafted from armored steel.

Defending Against the Unthinkable

Both the Series 7 Protection and i7 Protection models have earned the prestigious VR9 certification for their formidable ballistic defense capabilities. This esteemed certification stands as the second highest level of ballistic protection available for civilian vehicles. With specially engineered windows and doors designed to withstand attacks from 7.62 mm caliber weaponry, these vehicles offer an unparalleled shield against potential threats.

In a world filled with uncertainties, these BMW armored models provide more than just a safe haven; they deliver peace of mind.

Uncompromising Performance and Ingenuity

The armored realm does not compromise on performance. The new BMW 7 Series Protection is propelled by a robust 4.4-liter V8 engine, churning out an impressive 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is accomplished in a mere 6.6 seconds, with a peak speed of 130 mph – a seamless marriage of power and security.

On the electric frontier, the i7 Protection electric armored limousine, built upon the foundation of the i7 M70 xDrive version, flaunts dual electric motors generating 544 horsepower and 745 Nm of torque. Despite its armored stature, it achieves the 0 to 60 mph dash in 9 seconds and boasts a top speed capped at 100 mph.

Unveiling the Future: Assembling Excellence

Production of these armored marvels will transpire at BMW’s esteemed Dingolfing plant in Germany. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define BMW’s legacy will be imbued into every aspect of these vehicles, ensuring both safety and luxury are uncompromised.

The eagerly anticipated BMW Armored 7 Series and i7 Protection models are scheduled to roll out for deliveries in December 2023, marking a significant milestone in BMW’s enduring commitment to innovation, luxury, and safety.

As we eagerly anticipate the dawn of this new era, BMW‘s armored vehicles signal not only a fusion of cutting-edge technology and security but also an embodiment of the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Stay tuned for more updates on these fortified marvels from BMW – a testament to automotive prowess redefined.

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