BMW Tests iX5 Hydrogen SUV’s Limits in UAE Desert


BMW Tests iX5 Hydrogen SUV’s Limits in UAE Desert

BMW has just given us a peek at its iX5 Hydrogen SUV, not from a fancy launch event, but from the challenging sands of the United Arab Emirates. The German car giant recently shared photos of the vehicle being put through its paces in desert conditions, where temperatures often shoot up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Back in February, BMW had rolled out a pilot batch of this SUV – think of it as their classic X5, but running on a hydrogen fuel cell. It’s not just the UAE desert where this vehicle is being tested. The iX5 Hydrogen is on a world tour of sorts, with testing sessions in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and the US.

The recent UAE desert trial was no picnic. The SUV was exposed to challenging terrains, dust storms, and extreme heat. Yet, according to BMW’s team on the ground, the iX5 Hydrogen handled it all with aplomb. Under its hood, this green machine boasts a robust 401 horsepower. And the fuel? It’s stored in two tanks fortified with carbon-fiber, capable of holding around 6 kilograms of hydrogen.

The most enticing number, however, is the 504 kilometers that the SUV can cover when it’s fully fueled, going by the WLTP cycle. That’s quite a feat for a vehicle powered entirely by hydrogen.


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