Bentley Introduces Upgraded Features for Its Luxurious Bentayga SUV


Bentley is rolling out a range of updates for its premium Bentayga SUV, set to arrive this fall. The spotlight shines on the introduction of the advanced Airline Seat Specification for rear seats, now available across all Bentayga variants. These seats, previously exclusive to the extended wheelbase Bentayga, come with an integrated climate control system, offering automatic temperature adjustments.

Adding to the luxury, the Bentayga S and Azure versions now come standard with an all-wheel steering system, while it’s optional for other variants. Bentley has also enriched the standard features with advanced systems like intelligent parking assist, 3D panoramic views, and an emergency situation assistant. For a personalized touch, the instrument cluster now offers three new dashboard clock styles and real-time route visualization.

Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate the inclusion of recycled nylon carpets. For audiophiles, Bentley has incorporated an illuminating Bang & Olufsen audio system to enhance the driving experience.

Prioritizing the well-being of its passengers, Bentley’s upgraded air conditioning system is designed to constantly monitor the cabin’s air quality. It proactively detects areas with high pollution levels, automatically switching to air recirculation mode to maintain pristine air quality within.

Wrapping up the enhancements, Bentley introduces eight fresh exterior shades and new 21-inch wheels available in three distinct finishes.

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