Aston Martin To Use Geely Components in Zero-Emission Models


In a fresh development from the world of automotive giants, Aston Martin, the iconic British carmaker, has unveiled plans to employ various components from Geely, the Chinese conglomerate, for its future zero-emission vehicles.

This revelation follows Geely’s substantial investment of $295 million in Aston Martin, which effectively increased their stake to a notable 17%. This move has positioned Geely as the third-largest shareholder in the revered British manufacturing company.

A few days prior, Aston Martin made headlines by announcing a strategic partnership with Lucid Motors. The alliance aims to harness Lucid’s advanced electric propulsion systems and battery technologies, signaling Aston Martin’s deeper foray into the electric vehicle sector.

Aston Martin’s Development Director, Roberto Fedeli, shed more light on the upcoming zero-emission models. Among the details, he highlighted the utilization of a selection of components sourced from Geely. These will notably include seats and the climate control system.

Such integration is expected to allow Aston Martin to streamline its supply chain, potentially slashing the number of suppliers by up to 30%. This strategic decision is not merely about optimizing component sourcing; it’s also projected to significantly lower production costs.

An additional advantage? This initiative is set to expedite the arrival of Aston Martin’s electric vehicles to the market.

Stay connected for more updates on British Aston Martin’s electric journey and the evolving landscape of global automobile collaborations.

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