2024 BMW X3 Debut Confirmed with Plug-in Hybrid Version


In the latest automobile news, BMW officially announced the debut of its next-generation X3, set to launch in 2024. This revelation comes as the current third-generation X3, which began its journey in 2017, prepares for its successor. Although the model saw a facelift in 2021, enthusiasts and industry insiders are already looking ahead to the fourth iteration.

Key among the details shared by the Bavarian automaker is the reintroduction of a plug-in hybrid engine option for the X3. This version will mark its return after being briefly retired in 2021. While BMW has yet to provide further details on the engine specifications, it promises to renew and potentially elevate the driving experience for its consumers.

Equally significant is BMW’s confirmation on the manufacturing location for the new X3. The SUV will roll off the assembly lines at the Rosslyn plant in South Africa. A facility with a rich history, Rosslyn was established in 1968 and has since produced over 1.6 million vehicles. Notably, BMW recently pledged an investment of 200 million euros in the African factory, earmarked for the production of electrified vehicles, affirming its commitment to sustainability and regional manufacturing.

Wrapping up the array of updates, BMW also hinted at the launch of a fully electric version, dubbed the iX3. Differentiating from its predecessor, this upcoming electric version will be based on BMW’s dedicated “Neue Klasse” platform. Consequently, it won’t share its foundation with traditional combustion engine variants, showcasing BMW’s continuous drive towards innovation and distinction.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2024 BMW X3 and other automotive breakthroughs.


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